New Series: Women of Interest

As this school year comes to a close and I watch my first group of seniors prepare to take flight — or dive-bomb — into The World, I’ve caught myself reflecting on my own life experiences, especially with regards to who I am and how I became this individual. Not surprisingly, during these times of reflection, I’ve realized that my life is filled with some phenomenal, noteworthy women who have had a significant “say” in the human I’ve become.

These women have nurtured me. They’ve held my hand as I’ve wept, they’ve encouraged me to do the unthinkable, they’ve questioned the integrity of my choices when I needed a guiding light.

These women have taught me. They’ve critiqued my writing, they’ve answered questions with questions, they’ve challenged me to consider concepts and problems from a multitude of perspectives before arriving at conclusions.

These women have inspired me. They’ve shown me what it means to be courageous and compassionate and considerate; they’ve demonstrated what it means to live with integrity; they’ve personified grace and morality and power.

Because these women have given me so much, I will give them the best I can in return, and thanksgiving: My words.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “New Series: Women of Interest

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